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Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam

At the time of speaking, we have been providing all technical support for our regular client Medcon Internation / Workgroup Cardiological Centers Netherlands for more than 6 years. We also regularly cross the border with this client. We have already been to various foreign locations. The annual ‘WCN congress’ is always a nice end to the season for us.

The WCN congress takes place annually in the Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam and lasts two days. In total, about 400 people participate in the meeting. MNT STOKER is responsible for the entire audiovisual technology of all rooms. We place all the technology for the sessions provided by the different speakers in five sub-rooms. There will also be a morning with a House of Commons debate, a great meeting with debates about the most diverse issues.

​​In the plenary hall this means installing many screens and adjusting the audio so that everyone can follow everything closely. In addition to the physical event, we also facilitate the online hybrid event. This means that we record everything and stream it live over the internet so that people at home can also participate. This has the advantage that even more people can experience the conference, without the organization reaching the limit of the hall capacity.

After the congress there is time for a discharge, in other words a party! We also provide all the technology to transform the room into a true party location, including all support for the band and/or DJ. Each time according to the same success formula, but at a different location. We supported the WCN congress at the locations of ‘Het West Indisch Huis’, ‘Tropenmuseum’ and ‘Pakhuis de Zwijger’.