MWG / AMMA Awards

Hotel NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst

And the award goes to… It is the phrase that makes everyone hold their breath during the AMMA Awards. The nominees have a chance to win media awards for the best campaigns, most striking concepts and greatest talents. And we were ‘nominated’ for the implementation of the technical realization of the 50th anniversary, on behalf of MWG.

Since this is quite a challenge from a production point of view, we approached our contacts with organization agency ‘de Artiesten’, for whom this assignment fits like a tailor-made suit. After many location visits and meetings, we have come to a truly great event together. The strength of this project lay in an efficient and powerful collaboration between a creative agency and audiovisual supplier.

The AMMA awards started with a spectacular time-coded show. This opening was all about great dancers, a huge amount of light, a mega LED screen and special FX such as fire and CO2. All this supplemented with a sublime presentation in the hands of Humberto Tan.

After the award ceremony there was of course reason for a party, which literally spread throughout the entire location. Even a secret stage with a real ‘Amsterdam’ party cafe should not be missed. The day ended in a late but satisfying night. On to the next anniversary! We are happy to be nominated again.